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Here you’ll find all the quick tips combined and updated

  • Always login to see all accessible menu options on
  • Keep checking this page for updates and use it for daily updates

Adding Listing Content:

  • To access Listings you have added …
  • Your Profile Pic / Name (top right) => My Listings
  • Ideal size of Content / Description is 100 to 200 words.
  • Focus on the following:
    1) Info about guru(s) from whom they learned.
    2) Top performances, awards and contribution.
    3) Key students, school, teaching related info.
  • Readability and SEO scores and comments (scroll down on back-end editor)
  • Follow consistent spelling of Indian words. For keywords use the first Wikipedia spelling.
  • Never include a space before a comma or full-stop. Always include a space after a comma or full-stop. This applies everywhere: title, description, address, multiple phone numbers
  • Do not include a full-stop after initials. Eg: “D K Pattammal” instead of “D. K. Pattammal”
  • For images, follow the following:
  • Get Square Profile Pic, Long Cover Image, and 4:3 ratio on Other Gallery Pics.
  • For a Person, the Profile Pic could be a close-up of face. For a Place, the Profile Pic could be a close-up of brand name or logo. The Cover Image could ideally be a stage performance and/or pic of class or students.
  • PNG is preferred file type. If not, use JPG. Optimise to a file size of 300K.
  • Rename the image files to contain the Listing name and keywords followed by a number if needed. eg: “Meena-Murthy-Carnatic.png” or “Meena-Murthy-Veena-1.png”. Here, the keyword Carnatic or Veena is added, because a Google search on just “Meena Murthy” goes to a different profile.
  • Other sections:
  • In the Video URL, add only an individual video link so that it can play. If you want to add a link to a YouTube channel, do so under the Social Media link section.
  • If you are adding a Social Media link or taking a photo from there, please ensure that it is primarily a professional one and not a personal profile photo (eg: mostly with family and friends).
  • Capture referenced and useful links in the Notes section of the Listing.

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