Category: Music

Oct 13
Kala Rasika – Inaugural Concert

Kala Rasika is an initiative by classical violinist cum vocalist Vidushi Kalpana…

Jun 15
Music Band Recording – easy and a must do

I’ve been so lucky with my music journey.  Though I’ve formally learnt…

Apr 05
Graha Bhedam – Different Raagas with Same Notes

I’ve heard of the term “Graha Bhedam” before, and maybe listened to…

Feb 11
Technique and Warm up

    I have a hunch that many of you will assume this to be about some sport,…

Jan 31
Wholistic Vocalist by Ma.Ja

The ‘Wholistic Vocalist’ workshop by Mathangi Jagadish a.k.a. Ma.Ja was an eye opener…

Jan 18
Chennai Music Season

Over the past few years I’ve been visiting Chennai during the December break. …