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Food Baking, Coffee roasting, Cooking, Home brewing, Kombucha brewing, Wine making
Garden Gardening, Hydroponics, Topiary
Model 3D printing, Blacksmithing, Candle making, Carving, Do It Yourself, Glassblowing, Lapidary (stones and gems), Lego building, Machining, Metalworking, Model building, Origami, Pottery, Rock balancing, Taxidermy, Whittling, Woodworking
Utility Amateur radio, Auto audiophilia, Book restoration, Computer programming, Electronics, Gunsmithing, High-power rocketry, Home building, Knife making, Soapmaking, Vehicle restoration



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  • Grill out healthy pizza from your home oven (8/10/2018) by Bhaskar Subramanian - Must have – Oven, Grill, or Microwave with Grill option. Ingredients: Pizza base – Usually these come ready-made pack in a of 3 – personal pan size.  Whole wheat is a healthier option with hardly any loss of taste. Cheese – You can get block cheese and even branded as pizza cheese, but I prefer […]
  • APD Horticulture Training Centre in Bangalore (3/3/2018) by Bhaskar Subramanian - APD stands for Association of People with Disability.  They are an NGO (a non-profit, Non-Governmental Organisation) with multiple focus areas, one of them being Horticulture Training.  APD has setup an amazing nursery in Jeevanbheema Nagar, Bangalore where disabled people are trained in order to help them gain meaningful employment in the areas of gardening and […]
  • WordPress Basics 101 for Beginners (2/18/2018) by Bhaskar Subramanian -     Like most people, I’ve always known WordPress as a blog site. There used to be a day when Blogspot was more popular for that (Blogspot was bought by Google and name changed to Blogger). Even today, not many people know that WordPress is used by nearly 75 million websites, including popular ones that they […]
  • Website Basics 101 for Beginners (2/7/2018) by Bhaskar Subramanian -     This is a basic note about building websites.  For ease of reading, I have listed down key definitions as a table below.  In order to launch a website, the 3 key components you would need are a) Domain Name, b) Hosting space, and c) Website builder (unless you want to build it from […]
  • Navadarshanam – a new way of life (1/25/2018) by Bhaskar Subramanian - Living in Bengaluru nowadays distances you a lot from nature and life as it used to be.  So it was more than a warm welcome retreat for us to land up at Navadarshanam farm.  Navadarshanam is an organic farm, a community, an eco resort, and a brand of tasty organic products.
  • Lost Internet Treasures (12/29/2017) by Bhaskar Subramanian - Our online lives have changed so much!   As part of updating my current blog, I faintly recalled the existence of a older one.  And when I visited that, I stumbled upon my almost lost website and a hobby from those days - probably 15 years ago.
  • Gujarat Part 1 – Ahmedabad, Lothal, Blackbuck (1/12/2016) by Bhaskar Subramanian - This is the 1st part of the Gujarat trip, covering Ahmedabad, historic site Lothal and the Blackbuck Sanctuary in Velavdar (near Bhavnagar).  Initial content is taken from my Facebook posts and reviews in another site on 12-Jan-2016.  I will be enhancing this to add a proper flow to the narrative.   Sabarmati Riverfront: Great Development […]
  • Our Native Village near Bangalore (9/19/2011) by Sambasivan S - Recently we had the opportunity of staying in a resort called “Our Native Village”. This resort is about 30 kms from Bangalore, near to “Taj Kuteeram”. If you are a lover of peace, fresh air and village life, this resort is worth visiting. They have limited rooms (around 20) and charge Rs. 8000 per day, […]
  • Sold our Mangalore flat (3/30/2010) by Bhaskar Subramanian - Yesterday, we finally sold our Mangalore flat. What a feeling it is!! No flat, no more worries on what shape it would be in, no more reminders or follow-ups on maintenance or electricity bills, no loan nor EMIs, and no more calls with brokers or buyers … 🙂


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