If we are missing something here, please let us know … info@hobbycue.com

What is hobbycue all about?

Simply put, hobbycue has Cues for your Hobby 🙂  It is a community blog for sharing your experiences and learning from each other.  Hobbies are categorised, and a Cue could be in the form of a blog, a reference to a teacher/coach, an equipment/part supplier, etc. – all pertaining to the hobby.  In this website you can jump across hobby categories or simply search for Cues.  Check the About page for a basic why and what.  We’ll soon have a post with more details.

Unable to Like or Comment

You must be signed in to hobbycue to Like or Comment on pages and posts.  If you are visiting the site for the first time, you may see options to sign in with Facebook or Google.  If you do not want to link any of these, you can always Register with an e-mail ID.   If you are already signed in, you should see your image and/or name at the top right corner of hobbycue.

Adding a new Post

You must be signed in to add a new post to hobbycue.  If you are signed in from a laptop, you should see a “New +” icon at the top right.  If you are signed in from a mobile device, you should see a “+” icon.  Click on that and get started.

As of now, every new post is moderated.  We want no spam here!  This can be removed for users who complete a certain number of posts and reviews.

Guidelines for Posting

hobbycue is for experience sharing. While your profile details and preferences are private, all your posts are public. Avoid personal information in your post. Avoid politics, religion, sex or other objectionable content.

I already have my blog on another site

Awesome!  If you would like to get them over to hobbycue, it is easy.  Export your blog to an XML file as shown below, we can import to hobbycue.

  1. From another WordPress site : Check this WordPress support page.
  2. From Blogspot or Blogger : Check this Google guide, or this YouTube video.
  3. Anything else? : Let us know at info@hobbycue.com

What is a Listing?

A Listing is to have an entry of your business or brand in hobbycue database with an intent to collaborate with the community.  A Listing could be to teach a hobby, collaborate with other hobbyists or to buy or sell supplies or products relevant to the hobby.  Click here to Add a Listing.

Data Privacy

We value the privacy of your data.  Your login information, location and cookies are used only to deliver an automatically personalised experience. Passwords are encrypted, no data is shared with 3rd party, and there will be no spam e-mails from us.

Missing Something?

If we are missing something here, please let us know … info@hobbycue.com