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Make Food Baking, Coffee roasting, Cooking, Home brewing, Kombucha brewing, Wine making

Arab, Awadhi, Bengali, Cajun, Chinese, French, Goan, Greek, Hyderabadi, Italian, Lebanese, Mangalorean, Mexican, Punjabi, Rajasthani, North Indian, South Indian, Thai, Vietnamese

Breakfast, Brunch, Tea, Snacks, Tiffin, Kids’ meal, Salads, Soups, Entree, Main Course, Supper, Dinner, Desserts

Vegetarian, Vegan, Fusion, Gourmet, Haute




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  • Navadarshanam – a new way of life (1/25/2018) by Bhaskar Subramanian - Living in Bengaluru nowadays distances you a lot from nature and life as it used to be.  So it was more than a warm welcome retreat for us to land up at Navadarshanam farm.  Navadarshanam is an organic farm, a community, an eco resort, and a brand of tasty organic products.
  • Gujarat Part 1 – Ahmedabad, Lothal, Blackbuck (1/12/2016) by Bhaskar Subramanian - This is the 1st part of the Gujarat trip, covering Ahmedabad, historic site Lothal and the Blackbuck Sanctuary in Velavdar (near Bhavnagar).  Initial content is taken from my Facebook posts and reviews in another site on 12-Jan-2016.  I will be enhancing this to add a proper flow to the narrative.   Sabarmati Riverfront: Great Development Read more...




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We now have a Group for Cooking enthusiasts!  Find them here :


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We now have a Group for Cooking enthusiasts!  Find them here :


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