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Collecting Physical Collect Physical objects such as Action figures, Antiquities, Art, Books, Cards, Coins, Comic books, Deltiology (postcards), Elements, Flags, Flowers (pressed), Insects, Mineral, Movie and movie memorabilia, Stamps (Philately), Sea glass, Seashells, Stones, Toys, Video games, Vintage cars
Record Record keeping activities such as Genealogy, Scrapbooking, Movie and movie memorabilia, Music/Audio Records, Video games
Spot Spot various objects of interest.  This may also include recording the observation with notes.   Aircraft spotting, Amateur astronomy, Bird watching, Bus spotting, Dowsing (ground water), Foraging, Geocaching (GPS), Ghost hunting, Gongoozling (canals), Herping (reptiles), Metal detecting, Microscopy, Mushroom hunting/mycology, Satellite watching, Shortwave listening, Train spotting


We now have a Group for Collecting enthusiasts!  Find them here :


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  • Burma Stamps – Printed in India (3/4/2018) by Sambasivan S - There was no postal system and no records of using stamps in Burma during the rule of Burmese Kings. They used local messengers and volunteers to carry the letters. Even though post offices were established around 1827, the first stamp of Burma was issued only on 1/4/1937, after Burma became a self governing unit of […]
  • French Indian Stamps (2/22/2018) by Sambasivan S - French India refers to the French Possessions in India. They include Pondicherry (now Puducherry), Karaikkal, Yanam, Mahe and Chandemagor. Largest extent of their influence was during 1741 to 1954. By 1941, the area under possession was reduced very much and the administrative capital became Pondicherry. From 1882 to 1948, numbers of stamps were issued by […]
  • Fascinating Stamps – Archaeology Series (2/15/2018) by Sambasivan S - Between 15/08/1947 and 30/04/1951, number of stamps were issued by Indian Posts, called the Archaeology Series. They covered various temples, statues and structures across India. These stamps are simple and attractive compared to the present day stamps.                 Here are a few archaeology stamps in a landscape mode. […]
  • My Stamp – print your own stamp (2/11/2018) by Sambasivan S - You may be aware that you can print your own stamps through India Post. “My Stamp” is the brand name of personalised sheets of postage stamps of India Post. This was introduced in India during the Philatelic Exhibition, ” INDIPEX 2011″ The personalization is by printing a thumb nail photograph of the customer images, images […]
  • Mahatma Gandhi Stamps (2/10/2018) by Sambasivan S - Indian Postal Authorities issued on 15th August, 1948, 4 Stamps of Mahatma Gandhi to commemorate the first anniversary of Independence and in mourning of his death. They are with denominations and colours : Brown – 1.5 Anna; Violet -3.5 Anna ; Dark grey green 12 Annas, and Purple brown Rs. 10/-.
  • Philatelic Deposit Account (2/1/2018) by Sambasivan S - Did you know that in all Head Post Offices in India, a Domestic Philatelic Deposit Account (PDA) can be opened by us to ensure that we get postage stamps and postal stationary issued by the post office, on a regular basis?  We need to deposit an advance amount and replenish this deposit depending upon our […]


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We now have a Group for Collecting enthusiasts!  Find them here :


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