Arts includes Performing Arts (Music, Dance, Theatre), Visual Arts (Painting, Photography, Movie making) and Literary Arts (Creating writing, Literature)


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Category Sub-Category Hobbies
Arts Dance Ballet, Ballroom, Baton twirling, Belly, Break dancing, Bharatanatyam, Bollywood, Cabaret, Cha cha, Contemporary, Folk, Free style, Fusion, Hip hop, Jazz, Jive, Kathak, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Mohiniyattam, Latin, Odissi, Poi, Salsa, Troupe, Rock n Roll, Rhumba, Waltz
Music Alternative, Bands, Bass, Blues, Bollywood, Carnatic, Classical, Country, Drums, Electro, Flute, Fusion, Jazz, Kanjira, Ghatam, Guitar, Hindustani, Metal, Morsing, Mridangam, Latin, Nadaswaram, Pop, R&B, Rock, Singing, Saxophone, Soul, Tabla, Vocal, Veena, Violin
Theatre Acting, Drama, Juggling, Knife throwing, Magic, Marching band, Puppetry, Stand-up comedy
Visual Calligraphy, Coloringm, Digital arts, Drawing, Flower arranging, Graffiti, Painting, Movie making, Photography, Sand art, Sculpting, Sketching
Literary Astrology, Creative writing, Language learning, Meteorology, Reading, Videophilia, Watching television, Web surfing, Worldbuilding, Writing


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  • Kala Rasika – Inaugural Concert (10/13/2018) by hobbycue- Kala Rasika is an initiative by classical violinist cum vocalist Vidushi Kalpana Kishore along with Odissi dancer Shrimati Shubha Nagarajan.  It is their firm belief that art transcends all barriers, and anyone can just enjoy the sheer beauty of sounds and signs without knowing the nuances of the art.  The aim of Kala Rasika is […]
  • A sky full of liars (7/4/2018) by Ali Khan- A Sky Full Of Liars Broken skies, shattered stars, Maelstrom of chaos, chaos unbound. Tiny specks of solace devoured,  By demons who never cared but today. In the shadows of mourning they flock, Like Ravens of a bloodied feather bath. A crushed mirror speckled with red, is their kaleidoscope of superficial regret. The sun strides […]
  • Music Band Recording – easy and a must do (6/15/2018) by Bhaskar Subramanian- I’ve been so lucky with my music journey.  Though I’ve formally learnt only violin, I had a wonderful guru in Palakkad who also taught me the basics of music.  And my dad had an awesome collection of cassettes that were repeatedly played at home and he regularly took me to concerts which lead to a […]
  • Graha Bhedam – Different Raagas with Same Notes (4/5/2018) by Bhaskar Subramanian- I’ve heard of the term “Graha Bhedam” before, and maybe listened to a song or two in music concerts.  But I’ve never heard such a wide range in a single song!  This song piqued my interest on this subject, and I did quite a bit of research on it.  Graha means ‘home’ and Bhedam means […]
  • Butterflies at Turahalli Forest near Bangalore (3/28/2018) by Bhaskar Subramanian- It was my daughter’s 13th birthday, and we wanted to do something unique and “earthly” 🙂   After a lot of research, my wife narrowed it down to a customised nature walk at Turahalli Forest.  I had heard about the abundance of butterflies at Turahalli before, and was looking forward to our trip.  Turahalli is at […]
  • Super Blue Blood Moon 2018 (3/24/2018) by Bhaskar Subramanian- When I first heard the term it was a mixed up deja-vu of a lot terms I had heard before.  Like most of us, I have heard each of these adjectives applied to the moon, but never have them come together.  Close to this event on 31 January, 2018 my social media feeds were scattered […]
  • Goa – just drive from Bangalore (3/11/2018) by Bhaskar Subramanian- This is my 2nd write-up on our Goa trips.  Actually, this was my 4th trip to Goa, the 3rd one being just a couple of months earlier!  Yes, Goa is such an easy drive from Bangalore – 10 hours of good roads.  And this time, we had stopped over at Karwar too (watch out for […]
  • Dancing – My Hobby, Passion and Stress buster (2/28/2018) by Vandana Balanath- Dancing holds a special place in my life since I was a little girl. Dancing is an art which requires passion and I have always loved dancing because it fills my heart with joy. Everything about dance intrigues me and it has changed my life in numerous ways. Dance is a big part of who […]
  • Technique and Warm up (2/11/2018) by Bhaskar Subramanian-     I have a hunch that many of you will assume this to be about some sport, exercise or a very physical activity. But actually this topic came up during my violin class on the weekend! So maybe technique makes sense now, but warm up? For violin? Unlike what we might assume, these aspects […]
  • Wholistic Vocalist by Ma.Ja (1/31/2018) by Bhaskar Subramanian- The ‘Wholistic Vocalist’ workshop by Mathangi Jagadish a.k.a. Ma.Ja was an eye opener to several aspects of vocal health and artistry, covering aspects often neglected in the journey.  Ma.Ja discussed Mindset, Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep, Fitness and Vocal technique training (including breathing) as the cornerstones of vocal health and wholistic development.


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