Pyramid Valley International

About 35 kms from Bangalore,there is a mega-Pyramid (Kebbedoddi village, Harohalli Hobli, Kanakapura road) of size 160 feet by 160 feet with height of 102 feet.This Pyramid, called “Pyramid Valley International” is managed by the Pyramid Spiritual Trust (India) and is a new age meditation and Spiritual Science Centre.


The energy in the Pyramid is supposed to be amplified by over 640 natural Himalayan Crystals filled inside the hall. Its spiral and vibrant king’s chamber, at a height of 34 feet is the most energetic spot in the Pyramid. The external faces depict elements of nature and its hall at the basement has beautiful art murals in remembrance of Buddha’s great teachings and service to humanity.


Entry to the meditation hall is restricted for children below the age of four, since absolute silence needs to observed inside the hall.Also entry to king’s chamber is restricted.  There is no entrance fee and a book shop is situated,selling spiritual books and various sizes of Pyramids.


This place is worth visiting.  For further details visit the site


Here is another view titled Calmness:

Just like someone else had commented, there was absolutely no charge anywhere. Not even parking charges. No entry charge. Nobody was asking for donations. The entire place was calm and our whole experience was simply calmness … The pyramid is quite tall and is hollow inside. There is a spiral staircase at the centre that takes up up to the centre of the pyramid – the heat at this point was probably around 50 degrees. Still the entire experience is just calmness and nothing more.


The overall experience to get there is also quite interesting.  Parts of the city are crowded, but once you get to the outskirts, it is really nice.  We passed by a few local farms where we could interact with the locals and click pictures.


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