Nature at Turahalli Forest

This one is in continuation with my earlier post on Butterflies at Turahalli Forest (  There’s a lot more that you get to see at Turahalli … especially if you are with a good guide, and we were lucky on that front :-).  I can say that after this walk, I have become more observant about all life forms around us.

As you go into Turahalli, there is a slow sloping up hill with an amazing cliff-like view on the other side.  If you arrive early, you can see a lot of morning walkers, nature lovers, cyclists, and an occasional motorbike.  We also came across a lady who was collecting dead wood.

I have many more pics of this place, but decided to select a few to show the variety you can see here.  If you know anything more about the trees, birds and insects, please add in with your comments and I’ll be glad to update the blog.

Turahalli forest is about an hour or two drive from Bangalore, depending on which part of the city and which day you commute.  If you make a visit to Turahalli, please feel free to add a link to your album in the comments below.


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